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Group Plans

Our extensive market knowledge allows us to implement the best possible plan for your company.  After your plan is designed and implemented, we remain involved and accessible to you and your employees to guarantee that the insurance program is effective.  We will:
  • Manage your annual open enrollment process including:
    • - Employee education meetings
    • - Individual employee consultation for those employees who need personal, private assistance
    • - Assurance that all coverage is accurate and all materials delivered timely
  • Provide on-going employee education through:
    • - Customized benefit materials
    • - On-site and webinar meetings as needed
  • Quarterly check-in meetings with your company to monitor the performance of your implemented program and to keep you informed of any changes in the market
  • Claims and administrative support to resolve any issues and provide assistance and information as needed
  • Notification and assistance on compliance issues to insure that your plan is in compliance at all times with State legislation and ERISA
  • Annual negotiation and marketing to insure that your company has the best plan

We have long-term relationships with the entire marketplace and can call on those relationships to provide the best possible solutions to your company.

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